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Tire & Rim Package

Tire replacements, and fixing rim damages can be costly and time consuming. 

Lifeline VIP Tire & Rim Packages providee peace of mind that your tires will be protected and any cosmetic damages that may occur on your rims get fixed in a timely fashion.


VIP Tire & Rim protection

Providing extended protection for all makes and models. 
Terms start at 12 months, all the way to 60 months for complete Tire & Rim protection.
Deductible and hassle free!


Tire Repairs

Tire Replacement.jpeg

Tire Replacements

Rim painting.jpeg

Cosmetic Rim Repairs

Group 94.png

Mobile Services

Rim repair.jpeg

Complex Rim Repairs

Mobile Fleet




Service Centres

Service on the go!

Inside the Lower Mainland?

Our claims team will send one of our mobile service team to your location for immediate support

Urgent Repairs!


Outside of British Columbia?

Our claims team will guide you to one our extensive network of service centres 

Network Provided

Screenshot 2023-12-20 142711.png

Outside of the Lower Mainland?

Our claims team may guide you to any of our network of Dealerships

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