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Private Label

Tailored VIP fit

Looking to increase retention rates? Build trust and brand loyalty by providing a product that doesn't nickel and dime your clients, and provides support and assistance for whatever other cosmetic needs may arise.

Let us take the headache of scheduling clients and stop dealing with clients upset about hidden fees today!

Why Private Label?


Marketing Support

Our marketing team will design fliers, advertisements, and even help host and support your 

 in-person events 


Customized Services

We will work with you to design a series of services perfectly suited to your dealerships unique needs. Fully Customizable.

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Increase Retention

Our clients on average find that their retention rates double due, and often triple over time when using our tailored approach.

How We Support

Redefine automotive care with tailored precision. From personalized events to impactful marketing materials, our commitment goes beyond repairs – it's about delivering an exceptional experience.

Tailored Events

Marketing Materials 

Exceptional Service


See the VIP difference

Ready to join the VIP experience? Sign up for a 30 day risk free trial of services.

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